Factors to consider when choosing your neckline

Factors to consider when choosing your neckline are :
Body type,
Face shape, and
Bust- size.
Each of these elements are important considerations when choosing a neckline style, The key is to look at the different areas and go with neckline styles that are most recommended.

Face Shape:
The shape of your face is the first consideration for determining your ideal neckline. If your face is oval and well proportioned, you will be able to wear most any style of neckline with equal success. If your face is long and narrow, choose necklines that are wider and more shallow, to draw the eye to the horizontal and make your face appear wider. Conversely, if your face is wider and rounder, a neckline that has a stronger vertical shape will help to balance your overall look.
The concept here is balance. You want to choose a neckline style to balance your features and help you look more in proportion.

Body Type:
Following along on the theme of balance, you again want to select a neckline that will create balance in your overall appearance.
Women who are average in build should be able to wear most every neckline style with equal ease. Large-framed women should look for necklines that stress a more vertical line. Vee necks, scoop necks, sweetheart necklines, Queen Anne and empire necklines can all look good. Even portrait necklines can be flattering as long as the neckline dips sufficiently to provide an elongating effect. Small-framed women should look for necklines that will offer a widening effect. The bateau, Sabrina, portrait, crew neck, vee neck and jewel necklines will help to make the narrower build appear wider.

Burst size
For our purposes here, we will be considering breast size as well as shoulder width. Women with moderately-sized bosoms and average shoulder width should be comfortable with any of the listed neckline styles. A woman who has a small bust and narrow shoulders should consider choices like the bateau, Sabrina and portrait necklines, as well as the sweetheart and Queen Anne styles. Broad-shouldered and big-busted women should choose styles like the empire, Queen Anne and lower-cut portrait necklines as well as scoop neck, cowl neck and vee neck style.

Treat each of these facets of your appearance separately, and look at the suggestions indicated for each and write them down. The neckline styles that appear most often on your list are the ones you should focus on. Just remember that there are variations on each and every style listed that could make a choice not normally recommended more acceptable. If you keep in mind the theme of “N





Neckline is the top edge of a garment that surrounds the neck,looking good in an outfit starts from this part of the body the reason why sometimes outfit looks bad on people is the fact that they choose the wrong neckline for the person in question, wrong neckline can ruin the entire look.
Neckline can be categorize under these three headings:


A) Conservative: These neckline styles rest high on the chest, it doesn’t show any cleavage.They are generally good choices for women with smaller or average size chests.

1) Bateau: The bateau neckline (or boat neck) is one that closely follows the collarbone. It is a good choice for women who have well proportioned necks and heads, but who wish to present a more conservative appearance. Blouses and dresses with a bateau neck are excellent choices for women who are pear-shaped.

2)Sabrina: The Sabrina neckline is basically a wide, shallow, curving neckline that drops to within an inch or two of the collarbone, and extends almost to the shoulders on the sides. It makes an excellent look for women with narrow necks and thin faces, because it makes them appear wider. The dresses with this style of neck often are more tailored in the bodice with an A-line or flared skirt.

3) Portrait: The portrait neckline is similar to the Sabrina style neckline, except that it is usually lower-cut, and features a shawl-like addition that drapes around the shoulders. It is a style that is very flattering for a number of women and was often chosen by women as a style to wear when sitting for portraits, hence the name. The low, wide scoop offers a flattering view of the skin on the chest, without revealing the cleavage, and is one of the most feminine and classic looks in women’s fashion.

4)Jewel: The jewel neck is a high, close neckline style that closely encircled the base of the neck and covers the tops of the torso to the shoulders. The look is almost always sleeveless and the dresses featuring this style tend to be very tailored and sleek of silhouette. It gets its name from the fact that the neckline style is often selected in order to present a backdrop for showing off a particularly special piece of jewelry. It is not a look recommended for more plump women, as the sleeveless look tends to be unflattering.


B) Revealing neckline: These are the lower-cut styles of neckline – halter, sweetheart, empire, and Queen Anne –

1)Halter: The halter neckline consists of two triangular points of fabric that rise along the chest and join in some fashion at the back of the neck.This is generally a good style for moderately-sized to small-busted women, with toned arms and an evenly proportioned neck and head. Overweight women or women with broad shoulders should avoid this style of neckline because it will only over-emphasize their larger proportions.

2)Sweetheart: This is a flattering style for most every woman. Named for its resemblance to the bottom of the stylized heart graphic, the vertical dip of the sweetheart neckline helps to elongate the face and gives balance to larger proportions. This is by far the most popular style of neckline for wedding gowns and many evening dresses because of its ability to make most every size and shape of woman look her best.

3)Empire: The empire neckline is square and most notable because of its horizontal coverage of the breasts. It is a good look for average-build to larger-framed women with short necks because it offers a balance and makes the neck appear longer. It isn’t recommended as much for small-framed or petite women, because it will draw attention to an area that generally is less endowed for smaller women.

4)Queen Anne: its an excellent choice for women who are small-breasted and narrow of shoulder. The roughly diamond shape opening of the chest area makes the upper torso appear larger and wider by drawing the eyes to the horizontal line along the right and left points, It should be avoided by the broad-shouldered woman


C) Casual: These are the neckline styles commonly found among the casual wear of the average female. They are the vee-neck, crew neck, turtleneck, scoop neck and cowl neck. All of these styles can be found in varying degrees of lowness, depending on the size of the neck opening.

1) Neck: The Vee Neck is the single-most flattering neckline style. It is close in back and on the sides and dips to a shallow point in the front of the neck. Every woman looks good in the vee neck because it emphasizes the oval shape of the face and causes the neck to appear longer. The only consideration to remember is to make certain that you have a proper fit on the garment and you will look great.

2) Crew Neck: The crew neck is called such because it is the style of neckline that was found on crewmen’s jerseys. It is close all around the neck and is usually found with a narrow, ribbed edge, especially in knitted fabrics. Crew necks are generally good for all but heavier-set women or those with short necks. Those women with wide necks and faces should use caution when thinking about crew neck garments because it will tend to make them look even wider and the necks will appear shorter.

3) Turtleneck: This close neckline features an extended collar, Women with wide faces should use caution when wearing a turtleneck or look as though their head is even larger than it is. As a rule of thumb, the turtleneck collar should be folded so that it extends no higher than one-or-two inches below the chin. Turtlenecks are especially good for women with narrow shoulders and long necks and faces, as it helps to balance them.

4) Scoop Neck: The scoop neck is characterized by its wide opening and full-curving dip down the chest. It is a good choice for heavier builds and wide faces because it helps to keep the upper torso looking proportionate. It even works for small busted women, as the curved neckline gives an illusion of chest. However, women with long slim necks and narrow faces should avoid scoop necks because it will cause them to appear sticklike and gangly.

5) Cowl Neck: Similar to the turtleneck, this neckline style features a collar of folded fabric, but instead of being close-fitted, the cowl neck’s collar is wider and looser. The collar drapes loosely around the neck and is a great choice for women who want a collar but don’t look good in turtlenecks (i.e. women with heavier builds, wide faces and shorter, wider necks). The cowl neck is not a good look for small-build or petite women as the width of the collar will only emphasize a horizontal line and make the woman look stumpy.


What You Must Know About Wedding Gowns

Clothing choices are rarely neutral,and our inner secrets can be read in our choices.A designer once said “if a woman is badly dressed,it’s the dress we will notice,but if she is impeccably dresses,it’s the woman herself we will notice”.

Likewise for wedding what you wear on that special day says a lot about your personality.Every lady desires to look great on her big day , selecting a perfect wedding dress can be challenging and time consuming,Knowing the styles and trend in vogue will help ease the stress. Ensure you choose a dress that the design and style complements your body structure .

Wedding gowns comes in different fabrics such as:

Chantilly Lace
Duchess satin
Satin gazar
Fabric and tulle: these are the most broadly used fabric choices for wedding gowns.

Types of wedding gowns and what they say about you.

Wearing a fairy tale dress,it is assumed that you know what you are doing and that everything about your life has fallen in place. The fairy tale gown will be your best friend on your wedding day, which will bring out the best in you,boost your moral and certainly you will be the center of attention.




Wearing a short wedding gown means you are unconventional and strong minded, it means take me as i am also that am happy in my own skin and I don’t care what anybody else thinks. Its makes you independent, says to people that you are a free thinker and I am rebellious .




Wearing a fish tale dress means you are über-confident, straight forward,knowing yourself and comfortable showing the world, You have no problem showing off your curves.Fish tale gown oozes sex appeal and the secret to success in a fish tale is to wear it with grace and elegance.



The essence of make up:By Teju Tobun.

Simply put,the Main essence of any make up,be it Bridal,Runway,evening or Day look,is to edify your God-given beauty.
A make-up artist will know how to accentuate your best features for the camera,whilst ensuring you still look your beautiful self,as professionally applied make up will last all day long. What Brides shoud KNOW: Your wedding day is not a day to take chances,the memories of this day alone,will last in pictures. Only a Good make-up artist will keep you smiling anytime you Open your photobook, its not your lace,shoes or jewelry,as those always go out of trend, Its your beautiful face with that Flawless make up and the way the Headgear (gele) sets perfectly on your head. We all age everyday,and memories of your wedding remain vivid, so you can’t be naive about having Quality make up on your special day, its your Face your guests want to see. Now, let me cheap in some humour, beware of that your Aunt/friend/cousin that tells you; *Me sef I fit Do your make up*, because even when you have agreed to this and don’t like your face, there will be no time to change whatever she does on your face. Get a Professional, see her works, ask questions,be specific, Know what you want, perhaps, have a Pay for a trial to convince you. Lastly, Don’t forget ,Good make up Sets on Good Skin: Be religious about your skincare





There are good products like Neutrogena,Clean and clear,Apricot scrub,Boots’ gycerine and rosewater toner. Better still get your Facials done. Make Yourself Happy.




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A Party it was! Lola Ofoukwu at 40!!!

There’s nothing like a birthday with a great party!

Celebrating her fourth decade, Mrs. Lola Ofoukwu had an extraordinary party where she played host to her family and friends at the Civic Centre in Victoria Island, Lagos, on the 8th of January, 2012.

The event started with a fabulous Red Carpet Cocktail on the ground floor of the Civic Centre anchored by Denrele Edun. With his hair held up in a pony tail and dressed in a lovely white slim-cut suit and a pair of black high heeled shoes, Denrele brought beauty and life to the red carpet as he interviewed the many guests, socialites and celebrities including Chidi Mokeme and Timi Dakolo who attended the event. Refreshing cocktails and savory hot small chops were served to the guests upon arrival at the red carpet, so they ate and drank as they watched and participated in the interview session.

Immediately after the Red Carpet Cocktail, the guests were assisted by elegantly dressed hostesses to the first floor of the Civic Centre where the main party was held. The hall was draped beautifully in gold and cream colored draperies. There were colored lights to accentuate the beauty of the draperies. The gold chiavari chairs were arranged in groups of ten around tables to form a huge arena of many banquet tables. The cream colored table linens and the gold charger-plates upon which the perfectly chosen china and cutlery set laid, only added to the beauty of the hall. In the middle of each banquet table was a bouquet of well-chosen fresh flowers which brought fragrance and a pleasing appearance to the hall.

The guests were ushered into the hall with great music mix from the DJ, Jimmy Jatt, who entertained the guests with his selection of hit tracks. As soon as the guests were sited, waiters went round the banquets, took their orders and served them food and drinks from the lavish Chinese and African menu prepared specially for the occasion. The drinks included, sodas, white and red wines, champagne, and the like. The guests enjoyed every bit of it and chatted away happily as they anticipated the arrival of the celebrant and her family.

About half an hour into the party, the gorgeous Mrs. Lola Ofoukwu arrived at the venue in a dazzling elegant black evening dress and a fantastic hairdo to complement the dress. She was accompanied by her husband and children. The family looked pretty lovely. They were ushered to a banquet table in the front of the hall by the event hostesses. The MC of the day was Comedian Julius Agwu and he anchored the event beautifully from start to finish. There were a number of nice songs from the Shuga band which kept the guests entertained.

Gifts were given out to the best dressed male and female at the event, an idea by Denrele. The best dressed female was a woman in a beautiful flowing purple evening dress and the best dressed male was a man in a black tuxedo and a multi-colored bowtie.

The event came to its peak with two special songs from West African Idol winner, Timi Dakolo and a stunning dance presentation by Mrs. Ofoukwu’s children. Timi’s songs and the dance presentation left the guests thrilled and exhilarated. The cutting of the cake and the arrangement of the celebrant’s gifts around the table were also high points at the event.

The guests were served desserts by Araba’s Homemade and neatly packed party giveaways were distributed amongst the guests. The party came to a close with lovely music from DJ Jimmy Jatt which the celebrants and guests danced to as they celebrated and drank drinks served by NYBD.

The party was a huge success and the team at Oasis Events, is more than delighted to have had the opportunity to plan, manage and coordinate the event!

List of Service Providers for the Event:

Event Planner: Oasis Events

Hostesses: Oasis Events

Venue: Civic Center

Decoration: Yvent Kouture

Band: Shuga Band

DJ: DJ Jimmy Jatt

MC: Julius Agwu

Red Carpet Anchor: Denrele Edun

Security: K-Square

Photo: Atunbi

Food: Connoisseur Catering Service (owned by the celebrant)

Finger Food: Larry Spice

Dessert: Araba’s Homemade

Drinks: NYBD


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Characteristics to watch out for in an Event Planner before Choosing One

Hello there!

Today we talk about certain characteristics you’d need to watch out for in an Event Planner before choosing one. If you’re having an event pretty soon, be it a wedding, an anniversary celebration, a dinner or the like, there are some certain qualities you’d want to take extra care to look out for when choosing the planner for your event.

Some would wonder why this is necessary. Well, in Nigeria, especially if you live in cities like Lagos, you’d notice how much the industry is saturated with individuals and companies who call themselves Event Planners but, have no idea of what it really means to be an Event Planner. Individuals who just wake up one morning, realize there are a lot of people having events and just decide to become Event Planners.

However, you must understand that Event Planning like every field or profession is actually for people who are called to Plan, for people who demonstrate an inward passion for organizing, planning, and basically putting things together in the right places. This brings me to what I like to call the three Es to watch out for when choosing an Event Planner. They are:

  1. Energy, Drive and Passion: When selecting an event planner for your event, you must put into consideration the drive and burning passion the individual demonstrates. This is important because a lot of event planners have some form of a template they work with. They use the same descriptions, themes and even decorations for all their events. They have a template that gives them a step-by-step order of how to go about the event. They have a list of service providers where they select the ones for your event, probably because they have a good rapport with the service provider, forgetting that every event is unique and should have a unique feel. The person you are choosing to plan your event must take your event very personal and constantly look for ways to make your event completely unique.
  2. Ease of Accessibility: So, you have an event planner that any time you give him/her a call, the Personal Assistant picks up the phone and puts you on hold and you think you have an Event Planner? Yes? No, you have Business Associate! Your event planner must be willing and able to attend to you at all times. Even if he/she is one with a lot of other jobs, he/she must take your event seriously and be careful so as not to mix up the plans for your event with someone else’s.
  3. Experience: When I say experience, I do not necessary refer to the amount of years the individual has spent in the field although this too is relevant, but, I refer to an individual as experienced when he/she demonstrates a core understanding of event planning using various real life examples from past experiences and future projected occurrences. You can almost totally know how experienced your prospective event planner is from a first meeting. You must also consider the events the planner has done in the past asking him/her questions about event failures and how he/she was able to bounce back.


Others include:


  1. Must be aware of current trends in the industry: As human beings, we are naturally drawn by the things we see. When we see someone wearing a beautiful dress, or a lovely pair of shoes, we are naturally programmed to like these things and possibly look forward to owning such. Likewise, your event planner should be fully aware of current trends in the industry and be able to tailor your event with distinct urban class.
  2. Must know and have relationships with various service providers.
  3. Must be smart and presentable.
  4. Must understand the job at hand.

Be sure to look out for all these when choosing an Event Planner!

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