Bridal shower

And they thought she was mad. Who would have guessed…?

It was eight weeks to her wedding and she and her husband had no idea whatsoever how they were going to raise funds for the wedding. They aren’t poor people. At least, not the usual definition of poor; they are ok, as my Nigerian brothers and sisters will say. The problem was they had a tad too many friends who would feel slighted if they didn’t get invites to the wedding.



On a particularly rainy afternoon, the bride-to-be sat down on her sitting-room chair and pondered on ways to finance a big wedding. The estimated number of guests from her end was about eight hundred. Her groom-to-be expected about seven hundred people, including extras, you how we Nigerian folk are when it comes to parties; we just grace some events without invitations. So let’s say about a thousand five hundred guests, altogether. There was no way in the world both their bank accounts multiplied by two could finance it. She pondered on how to make the wedding a huge success. How to entertain 1500 guests, plan a honeymoon and still have enough money for other post-wedding activities. She thought about it for a while and decided to seek professional help. She called in Wedding Planner.
Everyone thought she had gone mad! When her friends heard about it, they laughed at the ridiculousness of the thought. How can an almost below average lady in terms of finance, getting married to a man of a similar financial status and with no idea how to finance her wedding, call in a wedding planner? How on earth did she plan to pay the wedding planner? It was all too funny to believe. They laughed at her and talked about her whenever there was an opportunity to talk, totally oblivious to the fact that she had an understanding they didn’t have.
Her wedding planner came in, and they began to talk. She told her exactly what she wanted and how she had always pictured her dream wedding. She had a fabulous idea for her wedding, she had more than enough guests and the only thing left was finance. After much talking and thinking up creative ideas to raise funds, they finally settled with one idea. They decided to have a Bridal Shower targeted at not just receiving gifts but also raising money for the wedding.
Back in the day, when bridal showers originated in America and other surrounding countries, it was used as an avenue by the female friends of the bride to present the bride with gifts she needed or to help her with provisions to ensure that her wedding was a success. Some bridal showers were even themed at helping the bride raise her dowry. In Nigeria, however, this is not the case. Bridal showers are small parties were the friends of the bride just come to present her with gifts, whether or not she needed them and gave her a number of advices on marriage. Well… this bride was going to have something different. I’ll say it had a bit of the Nigerian factor, yes, but it was a fund raising shower for both male and female friends and relatives of the bride.
The date for the event was fixed and the invited guests received their invitations as emails. These emails came with two attachments. One for the invitation proper and the second with the list of things needed to complete the wedding. You’re probably wondering to yourself how she pulled this off. Well, she had help. The list included things like Hall booking and payment, Decoration, Banqueting, Drinks, Music, Cake, Honeymoon Suite, etc. It was a list with prices attached to it. The idea was for a guest to pick an item and offer to pay for it. In a situation where the guest couldn’t afford to pay the entire figure stated, he or she may offer to pay a certain percentage. The guests were also told to reply the email stating how much they were willing to support the wedding with and also to bring the payment in cash or cheque along with them on the day of the Shower. You should also know that the invited guests were only family, close friends of the bride and very close work colleagues.
It was a very interesting experience and to her greatest amazement, not one, not two but all the guests replied positively. Other people who didn’t even get invitations, but heard about it somehow, called and offered to be a part of it. She eventually had the bridal shower and received all the white envelopes, if you get what I mean. It was a huge success; she even received other gifts like honeymoon lingerie, coloured shorts, bikinis, summer hats and other interesting items. At the end of the day, she had made more than enough money for the wedding and the honeymoon. Who would have guessed that what she saw as a huge problem could bring with it such great benefits?
You too can have a wedding without emptying your bank account. Seek professional advice today, call in an Event Planner.

Thank you very much for reading. I’d like to know if this read has been of any help to you or if you have a particular topic you want me to talk about. Please drop your comments in the comment box below.


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