Dotun and Votu Wedding(Celebration of Love,Hope,Faith and Friendship.

Oasis Events presents: Votu and Dotun’s Wedding Celebration!!!
It was a great time for the families of Votu and Dotun as well as the team at Oasis Events as we all entered the month of May in nothing but glam! Who would have thought of a wedding on a Tuesday? Well… this couple did! The first day of May, 2012 marked the wedding ceremony of Votu and Dotun as they were joined together in Holy matrimony at their church, This Present House in Lekki Phase One, Lagos.

It was a beautiful time in the company of friends and family. Immediately after the church service, the guests made their way to the reception at the Civic Centre on Ozumba Mbadiwe, Victoria Island, Lagos. Getting to the reception venue was entirely blissful for the guests as May 1st was a public holiday which made it a traffic-free day in the city of Lagos. The event kicked off as the guests began to fill the hall in large numbers. It began with a photo-session at the ground floor of the Civic centre where a huge backdrop banner displaying the pictures of the couple supported by a pale gold carpet and gold walkway props awaited the couple and their guests.



Once the photo session was over, the couple and their guests were assisted to the first floor of the Civic Centre where the reception was scheduled to hold. Upon their arrival, they were ushered into an elegantly decorated hall with gold chiavari chairs arranged neatly around a linen covered banquet table. The pale gold linen which was nicely wrapped around the silverware placed carefully on the gold charger plates and the red serviettes folded neatly in the drinking classes with fresh flowered centre pieces only accentuated the beauty of the already decorated hall. The hall was fully decorated in pale gold and red, white was also introduced to enhance the colour coordination.

The stage where the couples sat was absolutely gorgeous! There was a beautiful white U-shaped sofa with lovely red and gold throw-pillows, a glass coffee table which had flowers all over it resting comfortably on a red carpet. Not too far was the cake table. Presented by the Bakery Co, it was a lovely tiered white cake with a touch of red.





The guests were served food and drinks and the DJ filled the room with great urban music. The band also complemented the DJ’s efforts with their live performance. The guests were thrilled from the beginning till the end and danced at every opportunity they had to show their skills.

Who wouldn’t want a wedding reception this beautiful?
To put the icing on the cake, the groom was dressed in a lovely grey three-piece suit, a white shirt, a pale gold bowtie and a pale gold pocket square to match. He looked absolutely smashing and he wouldn’t stop smiling which only made his outfit look even more dazzling. The bride on the other hand, was dressed in a flowing white dress with lacey sleeves. She wore her hair from the left side all the way to the back and covered it with a white lace veil. She looked stunning as she smiled all through the event.