Reasons why Getting Married is Good For Your Man’s Health.

1) it’s good for their bones: Researchers report that men who marry later in life( beyond the age of 25) have greater bone strength than unmarried men or those who got married younger .

2) It may prevent stroke: Isreali researchers found that not only are married men happier but they have a much lower risk of having stroke. However ,for men who are unhappily married ,the risk of stroke event is high.

3) It add years to to their life span: According to studies analyzed over the years , it has been proved that marriage makes men live longer. Either by their wife healthy cooking or just the fact that you make him happy, something does the trick.

4) It Zaps cancer: According to Harvard researchers men who are married and diagnosed with cancer are 20% less likely to die from their disease than unmarried men .

5) It boost their mental health: Wives you are good for their minds,researches proves that compare to unmarried ,divorced or widowed men, happily married guys have all kinds of lower rates of depression,sadness, anxiety and even alcohol and drug addiction issues.


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