Reasons why Getting Married is Good For Your Man’s Health.

1) it’s good for their bones: Researchers report that men who marry later in life( beyond the age of 25) have greater bone strength than unmarried men or those who got married younger .

2) It may prevent stroke: Isreali researchers found that not only are married men happier but they have a much lower risk of having stroke. However ,for men who are unhappily married ,the risk of stroke event is high.

3) It add years to to their life span: According to studies analyzed over the years , it has been proved that marriage makes men live longer. Either by their wife healthy cooking or just the fact that you make him happy, something does the trick.

4) It Zaps cancer: According to Harvard researchers men who are married and diagnosed with cancer are 20% less likely to die from their disease than unmarried men .

5) It boost their mental health: Wives you are good for their minds,researches proves that compare to unmarried ,divorced or widowed men, happily married guys have all kinds of lower rates of depression,sadness, anxiety and even alcohol and drug addiction issues.


Dotun and Votu Wedding(Celebration of Love,Hope,Faith and Friendship.

Oasis Events presents: Votu and Dotun’s Wedding Celebration!!!
It was a great time for the families of Votu and Dotun as well as the team at Oasis Events as we all entered the month of May in nothing but glam! Who would have thought of a wedding on a Tuesday? Well… this couple did! The first day of May, 2012 marked the wedding ceremony of Votu and Dotun as they were joined together in Holy matrimony at their church, This Present House in Lekki Phase One, Lagos.

It was a beautiful time in the company of friends and family. Immediately after the church service, the guests made their way to the reception at the Civic Centre on Ozumba Mbadiwe, Victoria Island, Lagos. Getting to the reception venue was entirely blissful for the guests as May 1st was a public holiday which made it a traffic-free day in the city of Lagos. The event kicked off as the guests began to fill the hall in large numbers. It began with a photo-session at the ground floor of the Civic centre where a huge backdrop banner displaying the pictures of the couple supported by a pale gold carpet and gold walkway props awaited the couple and their guests.



Once the photo session was over, the couple and their guests were assisted to the first floor of the Civic Centre where the reception was scheduled to hold. Upon their arrival, they were ushered into an elegantly decorated hall with gold chiavari chairs arranged neatly around a linen covered banquet table. The pale gold linen which was nicely wrapped around the silverware placed carefully on the gold charger plates and the red serviettes folded neatly in the drinking classes with fresh flowered centre pieces only accentuated the beauty of the already decorated hall. The hall was fully decorated in pale gold and red, white was also introduced to enhance the colour coordination.

The stage where the couples sat was absolutely gorgeous! There was a beautiful white U-shaped sofa with lovely red and gold throw-pillows, a glass coffee table which had flowers all over it resting comfortably on a red carpet. Not too far was the cake table. Presented by the Bakery Co, it was a lovely tiered white cake with a touch of red.





The guests were served food and drinks and the DJ filled the room with great urban music. The band also complemented the DJ’s efforts with their live performance. The guests were thrilled from the beginning till the end and danced at every opportunity they had to show their skills.

Who wouldn’t want a wedding reception this beautiful?
To put the icing on the cake, the groom was dressed in a lovely grey three-piece suit, a white shirt, a pale gold bowtie and a pale gold pocket square to match. He looked absolutely smashing and he wouldn’t stop smiling which only made his outfit look even more dazzling. The bride on the other hand, was dressed in a flowing white dress with lacey sleeves. She wore her hair from the left side all the way to the back and covered it with a white lace veil. She looked stunning as she smiled all through the event.




A Typical Akwa Ibom (Ibibio) Wedding

Every now and again, it’s good to go out and experience what life in other parts of the country is like. Involve yourself in the culture of other tribes and have fun while you do it.

I was fortunate enough to be part of a series of amazing events that led to a wedding ceremony in the heart of Akwa Ibom. It was absolutely beautiful. Something I’d want to be a part of over and over again. During my stay, I was able to talk to a few natives who gave me a thorough idea of what an Ibibio wedding is like.

So, if you’re Akwa Ibom and you’re planning on getting married pretty soon or you are just one looking to acquire knowledge, you should enjoy this read.

Here goes…

It all begins when the groom-to-be schedules a date for “Locating the In-Laws {Ndidiong Ufok}”. In Akwa Ibom, this is the first stage in the process of getting married. The idea is simply to allow the groom to locate the house of the bride’s parents. In the words of a native, “to know the road to the bride’s family house” and relay his intentions to them. Back in the day, it was advised that the groom comes alone or with a friend and a bottle of wine. It is rumored that the reason for this was, to ensure that if the parents were going to reject the groom, it could be done quietly and with very little family members present. It is just a casual visit to the bride’s family. Once the groom has been approved by the family, he is allowed to make formal his intentions. The date for this is entirely different from the day of the casual visit and is usually done whenever the couple deems fit.


The next stage is called Knocking {Nkung Udok}. This is the formal declaration of intentions. Here, the groom-to-be after being approved by the bride’s family comes over to the bride’s family house again. This time with preferably an elderly member of his paternal family, although in cases where no such person exists, an elderly man from the clan can take stead. The elder makes intentions known formally and presents a few bottles of drinks. After this is achieved, the groom’s family is invited for the introduction ceremony and a list of things to be presented at the ceremony is given to the groom’s family. The list will usually contain drink items and a few other things to aid the introductory ceremony.

Once the date for the Introduction {Mbop} is set, the groom and his entire family or able representatives as well the bride’s family assemble themselves in a chosen venue. Here, both families present a spokesman, with the bride’s family spokesman doubling-up as the moderator. In Akwa Ibom, the natives are very particular about food. They believe that all guests must be served food upon arrival in their homes especially in-laws. However, the decision to serve the prospective in-laws food before or immediately after the introduction is entirely up to you. Most families would rather serve the food first. This is done because they believe that when a guest comes to your home, you welcome him/her, give food and ask, “You came to our house, we welcomed you, we fed you, now what are you here for?” It is at this point that the Introduction Ceremony commences. The families get to know one another by questioning each other. Family members also advice and pray for the couple. Once all the formalities are over with, the items that were requested are presented to the bride’s family for crosschecking and approval. Once the items are approved, another list is drawn up for the groom’s family to be presented at the traditional marriage. The bride price is also negotiated.

The traditional Marriage {Usoro Ndo} is the wedding proper. The items on the list ought to have been presented prior to this day to ensure that everything requested for is provided before the date. On this day, the groom and his family make their way to the bride’s village. Of course they may have arrived sometime earlier, but that it is said that they arrive that day. Upon their arrival, the women and children of the village barricade the entrance with road blocks. The women and children make their request known to the groom’s family and it is the duty of the groom and his people to provide whatever they request on the spot. It is said that this is done because the women cut the grasses on the roadside and children sweep the road, so they must be paid for their services. When this has been settled, all the invited guests move to the marriage venue except the groom and his friends who are taken to a separate location.


The event kicks off with beautiful meals presented neatly for the guests. The spokesman at the event introduces each meal and explains to the guests that the daughter to be married can prepare every single meal mentioned and presented. Akwa Ibom people pride themselves with their ability to cook well and cook different varieties of food. The food presented could vary from appetizers to proper meals such as, Cassava chips and coconut {Edi ta iwa}, Roast corn and pear, Roast plantain and palm oil, Palm kernel and garri, Afang soup, Edi tan soup, Edi kang ikong soup, Atama soup, Ekpan nku kwo and loads more.

All the different kinds of food are served to everyone present including the groom in his separate location. After eating, the groom’s family is ushered into the main venue. The bride and her entourage are danced in to commence the marriage proper. Depending on the village in question, the traditional marriage is similar to that of the Igbos.

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Bridal shower

And they thought she was mad. Who would have guessed…?

It was eight weeks to her wedding and she and her husband had no idea whatsoever how they were going to raise funds for the wedding. They aren’t poor people. At least, not the usual definition of poor; they are ok, as my Nigerian brothers and sisters will say. The problem was they had a tad too many friends who would feel slighted if they didn’t get invites to the wedding.



On a particularly rainy afternoon, the bride-to-be sat down on her sitting-room chair and pondered on ways to finance a big wedding. The estimated number of guests from her end was about eight hundred. Her groom-to-be expected about seven hundred people, including extras, you how we Nigerian folk are when it comes to parties; we just grace some events without invitations. So let’s say about a thousand five hundred guests, altogether. There was no way in the world both their bank accounts multiplied by two could finance it. She pondered on how to make the wedding a huge success. How to entertain 1500 guests, plan a honeymoon and still have enough money for other post-wedding activities. She thought about it for a while and decided to seek professional help. She called in Wedding Planner.
Everyone thought she had gone mad! When her friends heard about it, they laughed at the ridiculousness of the thought. How can an almost below average lady in terms of finance, getting married to a man of a similar financial status and with no idea how to finance her wedding, call in a wedding planner? How on earth did she plan to pay the wedding planner? It was all too funny to believe. They laughed at her and talked about her whenever there was an opportunity to talk, totally oblivious to the fact that she had an understanding they didn’t have.
Her wedding planner came in, and they began to talk. She told her exactly what she wanted and how she had always pictured her dream wedding. She had a fabulous idea for her wedding, she had more than enough guests and the only thing left was finance. After much talking and thinking up creative ideas to raise funds, they finally settled with one idea. They decided to have a Bridal Shower targeted at not just receiving gifts but also raising money for the wedding.
Back in the day, when bridal showers originated in America and other surrounding countries, it was used as an avenue by the female friends of the bride to present the bride with gifts she needed or to help her with provisions to ensure that her wedding was a success. Some bridal showers were even themed at helping the bride raise her dowry. In Nigeria, however, this is not the case. Bridal showers are small parties were the friends of the bride just come to present her with gifts, whether or not she needed them and gave her a number of advices on marriage. Well… this bride was going to have something different. I’ll say it had a bit of the Nigerian factor, yes, but it was a fund raising shower for both male and female friends and relatives of the bride.
The date for the event was fixed and the invited guests received their invitations as emails. These emails came with two attachments. One for the invitation proper and the second with the list of things needed to complete the wedding. You’re probably wondering to yourself how she pulled this off. Well, she had help. The list included things like Hall booking and payment, Decoration, Banqueting, Drinks, Music, Cake, Honeymoon Suite, etc. It was a list with prices attached to it. The idea was for a guest to pick an item and offer to pay for it. In a situation where the guest couldn’t afford to pay the entire figure stated, he or she may offer to pay a certain percentage. The guests were also told to reply the email stating how much they were willing to support the wedding with and also to bring the payment in cash or cheque along with them on the day of the Shower. You should also know that the invited guests were only family, close friends of the bride and very close work colleagues.
It was a very interesting experience and to her greatest amazement, not one, not two but all the guests replied positively. Other people who didn’t even get invitations, but heard about it somehow, called and offered to be a part of it. She eventually had the bridal shower and received all the white envelopes, if you get what I mean. It was a huge success; she even received other gifts like honeymoon lingerie, coloured shorts, bikinis, summer hats and other interesting items. At the end of the day, she had made more than enough money for the wedding and the honeymoon. Who would have guessed that what she saw as a huge problem could bring with it such great benefits?
You too can have a wedding without emptying your bank account. Seek professional advice today, call in an Event Planner.

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Tips on how to get low budget wedding grown.

To accommodate a wedding dress in your low budget wedding, you need to act smart, be persistence and have great bargain hunting capabilities. Start searching through every bridal magazine, produce a guide of all the designs that you like and make sure they are appropriate to suit your needs, now choose from the very best ten wedding dresses that you like most.


1) Online wedding store: this has become very developed now,you will find several cheap dress online.

2)Design and sew: design your own wedding dress and sew it,get the help of a great dress maker and obtain materials and trimmings in the finest quality from fabric stores.

3) Planning ahead of time: planning on time gives you enough time for research and bargain.

4) Bargaining power: putting your bargaining skills into play will fetch you a lovely and befitting wedding dress at a very low rate .

What you must know about wedding dress part 2


This screams ‘look at me’ ,I know who I am,I know what I want,this is the real me,you get what you see. The modern dress is more of a work of art and the most revealing of a bride’s personality,it captures her style and reflect her sense of individuality.




Is a safe option, a guarantee crowd- pleaser,pleasing your parents and society in general.




The Slit: This says ‘ I just fell down and tore my dress’ or It could say that you need some air down there or it says ‘ I can’t believe how much I paid for my shoe,so I ‘m making sure everyone gets a proper look’.




Adaora and Osa’s Wedding Celebration!!! By Halima

More often than not, a wedding is a once in a lifetime experience. This is the major reason why couples intending to be married are usually advised to have a grand wedding celebration with memories that can be relived every now and again.

Living up to this saying and celebrating their wedding in grand style, Adaora Nwangwu and Osa Olomu had a fabulous wedding reception where they hosted their friends and family on December the 10th, 2011 at the Knot Centre, Yaba, Lagos.

The event was indeed beautiful as the hall was decorated in lovely shades of orange, cream and champagne gold. From the beautiful banquet sitting arrangements to the lovely drape patterns on the walls and also the exquisite chairs which were covered in white spandex fabric highlighted with orange bow tie-backs emphasizing the splendor of the hall decoration.The hall was a paradise in itself.

With her hair held back revealing her obvious good looks; the bride was dressed in an elegant white flowing tube dress while the groom was clothed in a gorgeous black three-piece suit. The guests at the event were entertained with good music played by DJ Bobby. Mouth watery finger foods of all sorts were served to the guests upon arrival and of course, the main course was not left out. It was an awesome time with family and friends.

The event was anchored by Karachi, a female Anchor, who skillfully ensured the smooth running of the entire program. The event came to a close as the guests danced and enjoyed themselves.

The wedding was absolutely brilliant and put together by the team at Oasis Events. We wish Mr. and Mrs. Olomu a happy married life!

List of Service Providers for the Event:

Venue: Knot centre, Yaba, Lagos

Decoration: Royal Landmark

DJ: DJ Bobby

MC: Karachi

Finger Food: Larry Spice


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